The Pelizzatti family founded Chakana in May 2002 reviving an old family legacy. At the turn of the XIX century, the Pelizzatti ancestors made wine from the terraced vineyards of Valtellina, Italy.

Chakana is a winery dedicated to the study and understanding of some of the best terroirs of Mendoza, Argentina. Its goal is to produce authentic wines to express the character and identity of the Andean soils.

The winery is located in Agrelo in the province of Mendoza amongst 80 ha of vineyards. It also manages its own vineyards located in other areas of Mendoza, such as Mayor Drummond (Lujan de Cuyo), Altamira and Gualtallari (Uco Valley).

In 2012 Chakana started a conversion process to recover and maintain the harmony of its soils by transforming its agricultural methods to organic/biodynamic.

Chakana’s viticultural management is now oriented towards developing balanced vines through the structuring of its soils and the preservation of their organisms with methods compatible with their texture, organic matter and susceptibility to frost.

Chakana’s Nuna Estate located in Agrelo has been certified organic from vintage 2014 onwards and is certified Demeter (biodynamic) since 2016. The Los Cedros vineyard in Altamira is organic certified. All the other vineyards are in conversion to organic and biodynamic preparations are being used consistently.

Chakana is the only Argentinian winery GMO-free certified by the Non-GMO Project



Our Team

Juan Pelizzatti - Socio Gerente

Juan Pelizzatti

Socio Gerente

Gabriel Bloise - Director De Operaciones

Gabriel Bloise

Director De Operaciones y Enólogo

Facundo Bonamaizon - Gerente de viñedos

Facundo Bonamaizon

Gerente de viñedos

Matteo - Local Market and Export Manager

Matteo Acmè

Local Market and Export Manager

Nicolas Estrada - Director Financiero

Nicolas Estrada

Director Financiero

Brett Cirttenden - Brand Ambassador Europa Oriental y Oceanía

Brett Cirttenden

Brand Ambassador Europa Oriental y Oceanía

Sophie Jump - Europa Occidental Brand Ambassador

Sophie Jump

Europa Occidental Brand Ambassador



La Chakana


Across an extended region of the Andes from Quito to Mendoza there is a symbol that recurrently appears in ancient buildings, objects and decor. It is the square cross which held the key to interpret the Andean world.

Chakana was the Quechua name for this symbol which represented the Southern Cross constellation and which was used as a device for orientation in space and time which have great importance for agriculture.

The symbol originated in the crossed shaped stones used by the Incas to divert water in their canals. A simple object though fundamental for life on the Andes.

Across the centuries this object acquired a mystical meaning enclosing in its geometry a map of the empire and the secret of life on earth: air, water and soil. It is as a consequence of its deep agricultural significance that the winery has chosen to honour the fruit of this land with its spiritual name.

Argentine wine can develop a common identity based on these landscapes dominated by mountains and clear skies as they interact with one of the most emblematic plants of western culture: the vine.




Chakana’s winemaking style promotes minimum intervention in the winery by using indigenous yeasts, minimizing the use of sulphur and other additives and selecting porous materials for wine ageing – large volume barrels and un-lined cement vats which are adapted to local varieties in order to preserve the character of a specific place.



Chakana wines are made in a 2,100,000 litre winery with stainless steel tanks and cement vats with and without epoxy lining. In addition it has a 500,000 litre French oak ageing capacity made up of 225 litre barrels and 5,000 litre foudres.

Gabriel Bloise, a member of the new generation of Mendoza winemakers, is in charge of winemaking. He has developed his skills by participating in multiple harvests in key regions of the world such as Tuscany, California, Priorat, and Australia.

Gabriel understands winemaking as a tool to express nature and believes the best wines are those that hide the hand of its maker to reveal their place.


Social Responsability


Chakana is aware of the social environment where it develops its activities. This is why it has chosen to certify the Fair for Life standard. Fair for Life is an organization that guarantees to third parties the existence of ethical conditions of labour in a company by ensuring its respect for fair employment and excellent working conditions and wages. 


Vineyard management has been assigned to Facundo Bonamaizon, a young and distinguished viticulturist from Mendoza with a passion for understanding soil ecosystems.

Finca Nuna, Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo

80 ha under vine planted with Malbec; Bonarda; Syrah; Petit Verdot; Cabernet Franc; Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat; Viognier; Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The vineyard was planted between 2002 and 2011 with several recent re-plantings. Drip irrigated. Certified organic since vintage 2014. Certified Demeter (biodynamic) since vintage 2015. This is where all compost and preparations for the rest of the vineyards are made therefore the estate is bio diverse with areas planted with alfalfa and cereals. Soils are silt-loam to sandy loam with heterogeneous textures on calcareous gravel 70 cm to 2 meters deep.