Terms - Conditions

General conditions

Read the general terms and conditions (hereinafter, the "terms and conditions") described below. These will be applied to the navigation of the internet site chakanawines.com (hereinafter, the "website" when referring to the internet website) and the services offered therein.

The users of the website, hereinafter, "User" of the website. The responsibility of the aforementioned "Website" and the products offered are from Chakana Wines (CUIT: 30-70795983-1).

The rights of use of the website chakanawines.com are property of Chakana Wines

Acceptance and knowledge of the terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are binding and binding. They apply to all purchases and activities made through the website. The use of the website implies knowledge and acceptance of them. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you must refrain from using the website and / or the services offered by it. By "user" of the website refers to both registered persons and visitors.

Modification of the terms and conditions

Chakana Wines will post a notice on the website alerting users of these changes, for a reasonable time. Notwithstanding the foregoing, users are responsible for reading these terms and conditions each time they visit the website to see if they have been modified.

Purchase confirmation

Upon confirmation of the purchase, the user will be informed of their transaction or transaction number. Likewise, the user will receive a confirmation in his or her e-mail box that the order has been accepted, together with an order number.

Interruption of service - exclusion of responsibility

Chakana Wines reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or modify at any time the services offered in this website, either permanently or temporarily. The conformity of the users will not be required, nor will any previous notice be necessary. Likewise, it does not guarantee access or permanent use of the website, since this could be interrupted due to technical issues unrelated to Chakana Wines. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the aforementioned suspension or interruption is not due to force majeure or fortuitous circumstances, Chakana Wines undertakes to comply with the services that were pending at the time of the suspension or interruption. Chakana Wines does not guarantee that the website is free of viruses, worms or any other element that may damage or alter the normal functioning of a computer. It is the sole responsibility and obligation of the user to have the appropriate tools to detect, disinfect and / or prevent any type of elements and / or possible damages of this nature. Chakana Wines is not responsible for any damage that may occur in the computer equipment of users or third parties as a result of browsing this website.


Users can freely browse the website. However, to make a purchase the user must enter each of the data required by the website. You must complete a form at the time of checkout with the requested information. In the event that these data are forgotten by the user, Chakana Wines has a help service to recover them. For this you must "click" on the corresponding option and enter the e-mail that was provided at the time of registration. When finished, the system will send you confidentially to that email account your username and your personal password. As Chakana Wines is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the data provided by users for registration, users agree to maintain the confidentiality of their name / username and password. In accordance with the previous paragraph, users are responsible for the use made of their password and must keep in mind that if other people have or may have in the future access to the e-mail account entered as their own in the Registration form, these could also request your access code and username. It is the exclusive obligation of the user to take the necessary measures so that this does not happen. The user undertakes to immediately and irrefutably notify Chakana Wines at any of its contact fields or [email protected], any unauthorized use of their user account, and to keep it undamaged in the event that this is done. produce any damage to the company or to third parties. The registration of users is done by entering the website, and has no cost. It is mandatory to complete the form in all fields with valid and true data, accurately and accurately. For a correct operation of the system, it is necessary that users keep their data updated. Chakana Wines may proceed to verify the identity of the user and / or the data consigned by it at any time. Chakana Wines is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of the data provided by users. Likewise, Chakana Wines reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend users in case of non-compliance with the terms and conditions, as well as to reject applications.


To use the services of the website, you must have the legal capacity to contract. Those who lack it, those who have been suspended or disabled, or minors will not be able to access the services. Parents, guardians or persons responsible for minors or incapacities who use the website will be responsible for said use, including any charge, billing or damage arising from it.

Privacy policy of the personal data provided by the user

In order to use the website efficiently and safely, users must provide certain information, including their name and surname, address, email account, identity document, without which it would be impossible to provide services. That is why it is required that these be true and exact. The data collected by the corresponding forms will be incorporated into the general customer base of Chakana Wines. The personal information that users enter on the website will be treated confidentially and Chakana Wines will do its best to protect the privacy of the same, in accordance with the provided in law 25.326. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user must take into account that the internet is not an impregnable medium in terms of security. When data and numbers corresponding to credit cards are entered they are encrypted, thus ensuring that they remain confidential and can not be seen by other people. Users have the right to exercise the right of access, rectification, blocking or deletion of personal data that has been provided to the Website personally or through a third party. It is clarified that these rights may only be exercised over those information that may be considered personal data under the terms of Law No. 25,326. To exercise any of these rights, the user must send an email to [email protected] detailing their name and surname, ID number, their request and reasons for exercising their right. Once fulfilled the previously detailed ends and if it corresponds to make place to the order, Chakana Wines will communicate to the user who has proceeded to give rise to it or reject the order. Chakana Wines will have 10 business days from receipt of the request to send a response in the case of an access request, and 5 business days if the user requests the rectification, update or deletion of their data. Likewise, users may at any time request the cancellation of their request and the elimination of their account from the database, by sending an email to [email protected] requesting their withdrawal from the database or request. Chakana Wines guarantees its users that it will use the data within the guidelines established by Law 25,326 on the protection of personal data. In the event that the data are required by the corresponding legal, administrative or judicial means, Chakana Wines will be compelled to disclose them to the requesting authority. To the extent that the legislation and rules of procedure permit, Chakana Wines will inform users about these requirements. By registering on the website and forming part of the general customer base, users accept that Chakana Wines communicates with them by postal, telephone or electronic means to send information that the company considers, in its sole discretion, that may be of its own. interest, including advertising and information about offers and promotions. In the event that users do not wish to be contacted for these purposes, they will be able to express this truthfully to Chakana Wines, who will proceed to interrupt this type of communication in the shortest time possible. The owner of the personal data has the right to exercise the right of access to them free of charge at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest is accredited for the purpose as established in article 14, subsection 3 of the Law No. 25,326. The National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data, the control body of Law No. 25,326, has the power to deal with complaints and claims filed in relation to the breach of the rules on protection of personal data.

Veracity of the information provided

In case the information or the data provided by the user are not true, the latter will be responsible for the damages that this may cause.


The website can use a tracking system through "cookies", so that access to information, when going from page to page, is done more quickly. It also helps in some cases to identify users, without having to ask them for the password again and again. These cookies are small files that the visited page sends and are housed in the hard disk of the computer, occupying little space. It is made known to the users that using the options of their navigator they will be able to limit or restrict according to their will the accommodation of these "cookies", although it is inadvisable to restrict them totally. The system may collect information about your preferences and interests. In the event that this occurs, the information will be used exclusively for statistical purposes to improve the services provided on the website. Chakana Wines will apply, to the greatest extent possible, procedures for decoupling the information so that the owners of the data are unidentifiable.

Availability and price of the products offered

Before buying, the user must bear in mind that the selected products may not be in stock at the time of selecting them. All purchases are subject to availability and only confirmed availability with confirmed operation number, in the last stage of the purchase process. Likewise, in the unlikely event that the selected product or products are exhausted or delayed, Chakana Wines will contact the user and invite him / her to choose one of the following options: A) Continue waiting for the delivery of the chosen product (in case of delay); B) Cancellation of the purchase and refund of the amount by the original means of payment; C) Choose an alternative product offered by Chakana Wines for the particular case; D) Cancellation of the purchase and issuance of a purchase order for the same amount. When the user chooses to cancel the purchase, the amount paid will be refunded according to the means of payment that was chosen in due course. In the event that the user chooses the alternative product offered by Chakana Wines, it must contain equal or superior characteristics. In no case will the user be asked to pay additional sums or to take charge of the differences, except that the alternative product offered by Chakana Wines and chosen by the user is of widely superior and expensive characteristics to the one originally requested by the user. Important: for the situations contemplated in this section, the user will have a period of ten (10) days to choose one of the options mentioned. In case the user is silent about it, Chakana Wines may presume that he has opted for the cancellation of the purchase, and will proceed to refund the amount paid by the original payment method. The information on products and prices published on the page is subject to change and can be modified and / or updated directly by Chakana Wines. Any price or condition of the products that have already been confirmed in an operation will not be modified.

Refund of the amount paid

In the cases mentioned in the previous point in which the user has opted for the refund of the amount paid, it must take into account that the refund may take a maximum of 10 working days, due to deadlines and administrative issues. For cases of refund via bank deposit, the bank account must be in the name of the owner of the user account from which the transaction was made. In case the ownership does not coincide, the express authorization of the owner of the user account will be required as an indispensable condition prior to the deposit.

Validity of promotions

In the event that offers and promotions of products are made, these will be valid for purchases made from the date of commencement of the same, until the end of the offer. The terms and conditions of the same will be communicated on the website, and will always be subject to the existence in stock of the products offered.

Value-added tax (VAT)

All prices expressed on the website include VAT, unless otherwise indicated.

Product warranty

The guarantee of the products that are purchased through Chakana Wines covers manufacturing or quality defects only when they have been used for the purpose that they have been manufactured. Chakana Wines does not cover product defects due to improper use or abuse of the product, being the client, in this case, solely responsible.

Right of repentance. Return of products

The user will have the right to return the products purchased on the website, during the term ten (10) consecutive days, counted from the delivery of the product at the address indicated by the user, without any responsibility. To do this, you must notify Chakana Wines in a reliable manner, within the period indicated your decision to return the product, and make available to Chakana Wines the product (s) purchased. The products must be in the same state in which they were received by the user, without having been used by them, and with the original packaging. Chakana Wines will return to the user all the amounts paid by the user within forty-eight (48) days of the withdrawal of the product (s) by Chakana Wines. Also, if the product (s) has suffered breakage or deterioration in transit, or was wrongly shipped The user must contact the Chakana Wines customer service center within the aforementioned period, so that Chakana Wines may proceed, as appropriate, to manage the re-delivery of the purchase or the withdrawal of the merchandise. In the case of products that have suffered breakage or deterioration in transit, these must not have been used by the user, and must be in the same condition in which they were received, with their packaging and labels. For example, to illustrate, if the product is in its plastic wrap ("blister"), it must be opened neatly and carefully, otherwise it can not be changed.


All prices on the website are expressed in Argentine pesos, legal tender of the Argentine Republic.

Payment methods

Credit Cards: Selecting this option you can make the purchase by credit cards issued by any bank enabled on our site. SEE PAYMENT METHODS

Mercado Pago: Selecting Rapipago or Easy Payment through Mercadopago on the payment page you have 48 hours running to complete your payment and receive the product booked on our site Payments can be made by card, or through collection systems such as Easy

Payment, Rapipago or Pagomiscuentas. Chakana Wines may enable other options, to facilitate the purchases of its customers. All means of payment are subject to the amount being duly accredited and / or verified. SEE PAYMENT METHODS

Shipping of products within the country. Delivery time

Deliveries will be made at the address indicated by the user. The validity of it is your sole responsibility. Orders will not be delivered to mailboxes or post office boxes.

The delivery time depends on the availability of the product, the shipping time and the approval of the means of payment. The days indicated are estimates, and always run from the moment the order is shipped. Shipments are made throughout the Argentine Republic, except the province of Tierra del Fuego. To know the average delivery times, visit the shipping section. When making a purchase, the user receives a confirmation in his or her e-mail box that the order has been accepted together with an order number.

To ensure maximum efficiency in deliveries, these are made through specialized companies. The approval time varies according to the means of payment. In the case of credit cards, the user must verify that the data provided for the authorization is correct.

Shipping costs

The user will be clearly informed of the delivery costs before making the purchase. These costs are calculated based on the total weight and / or the total volume of the shipment, and also depend on the delivery address area.

Shipping costs will be discriminated as a separate item within the invoice. Chakana Wines is always working to improve the quality and delivery cost for its customers.

Delivery schedules

The products will be delivered Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, with the exception of national holidays. When the delivery date coincides with a holiday, it will be passed to the next business day. The users will not be able to choose the time nor the day in which the purchased product (s) will be delivered. Suggestions may be made in the field of observations at the time of purchase, which will be subject to the circuit of the company that has charge of shipping the products.

Delivery address

The address where the product will be delivered will be the one indicated by the user. It may not match your home address. It is the responsibility of the user to complete and carefully review the information related to the delivery, so that the shipment of the purchase is made in an effective and timely manner. No shipments are made to mail boxes. Chakana Wines is not responsible for the lack and / or error in the consignment of the address for the purpose of sending the products. In case you need to request a change of delivery address, this order must be made when making the purchase order or by sending an email to Chakana Wines informing the new delivery address and the order number. The user can not change the delivery address after invoicing the order.

Consult about the status of the shipment

As part of the purchase process, Chakana Wines will send the customer an automatic email indicating the shipping guide number, once the product is shipped. In this way, the customer can track the status ("tracking") of the order at any time you want, through the provider's logistics page. In case of loss or other mishap with the tracking number, the customer can contact customer service and request it again, indicating the order number.


The user will have at his disposal the invoice with the clear and precise information of the products purchased, the method and payment plan, and the currency for the transaction in the offices of Chakana Wines. If you need such documentation, you can contact us through the contact @ chakanawines.com.ar or communicate with customer service and automatically the requested invoice will be sent to you. The invoices are issued by Chakana Wines.

Cancellation of purchase orders

Notwithstanding the provisions, the user may cancel an order within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of the product at the address indicated by the user. To do this you must contact Chakana Wines by sending an email to [email protected], or through the customer service area.

If the cancellation of the purchase is total, the user may choose to: (i) request the refund of the amount by means of payment that was used by the user to pay for his purchase, or (ii) request the delivery of a credit note in your favor for future purchases. The user acknowledges that in the case of point (ii) above, Chakana Wines will make another shipment, reason for which the user must pay again the expenses derived from it.

Use of the service "send this product to a friend"

If you choose to use the service "send this product to a friend", Chakana Wines may require the name and email address of the person to whom it is sent, as well as these same data of yours. Through this function, Chakana Wines will send an automatic email inviting you to visit a certain product on the website. Chakana Wines will use your email and that of the person to whom it is sent only to send this communication and subsequent follow-up, however this information will not be stored.

According to its privacy policy, Chakana Wines takes the necessary precautions to avoid the unsolicited sending of emails (spamming). Chakana Wines and its users do not accept spamming or unsolicited sending of emails. For this reason, it is absolutely forbidden to use the service "send this product to a friend" for the purpose of spam, or indiscriminate sending of messages of any nature by email, for any purpose that this is done. Please, do not send this type of message to those who request it to you.

Chakana Wines may suspend or permanently disable those users who use this service for any purpose other than that provided for this service and who are reported by those who receive such messages.

Any person who does not wish to receive these communications by mail must request it through an email to [email protected] The owner may at any time request the withdrawal or blocking of their name from the data banks referred to in the present article (article 27 inc 3º, Law 25.326) In all communication for advertising purposes that is made by mail, telephone, email, Internet or other distance media to be known, must be explicitly and prominently indicated, the possibility of the owner of the data to request the withdrawal or blocking, total or partial, of its name from the database. At the request of the interested party, the name of the person responsible or the user of the data bank that provided the information must be informed "(paragraph 3, article 27 of Annex I, Document 1558/01).


The users are strictly prohibited:

  • Send files or any type of information whose content is illegal, obscene, abusive, defamatory, libelous or contrary to good customs (this list is merely exemplary);
  • Send files that contain viruses or any other feature capable of damaging the operation of a computer, website or system;
  • Use the website to violate any type of current norm;
  • Consign false information when registering or making a purchase, or any other time when any type of information or personal data is required; offer products or services;
  • Use programs, software or automatic or manual devices to monitor or copy the information or any other content of the site without prior consent of Chakana Wines


The images associated with the products that appear on the website chakanawines.com are merely illustrative.


Chakana Wines is not responsible for the veracity of the information incorporated into the website by third parties. Neither is responsible as soon as it has been reproduced or communicated directly by the users of the website without verification by Chakana Wines If any user is affected by the information referred to in the previous paragraph, you must tell Chakana Wines by mail or postal mail, in order to proceed to the deletion of the same.

All rights reserved. Intellectual property

All rights of this website are reserved and correspond to Chakana Wines by virtue of the rights of use of the domain chakanawines.com The content of this website, including but not limited to text, logos, graphics, and the entire design in general, as well such as its database and software, is owned or used exclusively by Chakana Wines or has the right to use it under licenses granted for use and is protected by current national and international intellectual property laws.

If the user considers that the website is violated or in any way responsible for the intellectual property rights of third parties, it must notify Chakana Wines at the address indicated in these general terms and conditions, or [email protected] accompanying all the information and documentation necessary to support the aforementioned consideration.

Corporate name and legal address

The company's name is Chakana Wines, with address at Calle Baldini 16197 (987.82 km) - 5509 City of Lujan de Cuyo


All notices and / or communications that must be made for the use of the website under these general terms and conditions, must be made in writing: (i) to the user: by email, to the email account consigned by the latter, or by letter , to the address declared on the registration form; (ii) to Chakana Wines: to the email address [email protected], or to your legal address indicated in the previous point.

Advertising and links

When the user "clicks" on advertisements or links from third parties and enters other sites that do not belong to Chakana Wines, they will be subject to the terms and conditions of said sites. The user must carefully read their access and use policies.

Chakana Wines does not guarantee the legality, topicality, quality or usefulness of the contents, operations and information communicated, reproduced and / or performed on linked sites of third parties or the absence of harmfulness of such content or services, for which the user exempts of all responsibility to Chakana Wines for the contents included in the referred sites or the services that are offered or promoted in them.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

The present terms and conditions are governed without exception and in all points by the laws of the Argentine Republic and will be interpreted according to them. In the event of any difference, disagreement or conflict arising from the interpretation, validity, scope and / or application of these general terms and conditions, users will communicate with Chakana Wines in a reliable manner, making their claim arrive, so that the parties try to arrive an agreement. In case it is not possible to arrive at a solution, and to guarantee consumers full access to justice, users may choose and submit their claim to one of the following options and instances:

  • National system of consumer arbitration of the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance Nation. The procedures before this system are free, and it is not necessary to have legal sponsorship. Likewise, the balance between the parties and the transparency of the process is guaranteed, and the awards issued by said court have the authority of res judicata and are irretrievable (to learn more about this system, go to http://www.mecon.gov.ar / snac)
  • General Directorate of Defense and Consumer Protection of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (to learn more about this system enter http://www.buenosaires.gov.ar)
  • Ordinary courts of the federal capital with competence in the matter.

In the event that any of the above options were burdensome or economically unviable for users domiciled abroad, the parties, at the request of the user, will determine by mutual agreement a mutually convenient mechanism to resolve their differences. Likewise, the user

may communicate with Chakana Wines at any time in order to reach an agreement.