Why Biodynamic?Biodinamica


In a food system dominated by chemicals and consumerism, Biodynamic agriculture stands as the only certification system relevant to viticulture that guarantees a conscious care for the environment, the soil and its social impact.









How is the Biodynamic method a viticulture for the future?


Biodynamic viticulture ensures that low-input organic practices are adopted to produce estate-bottled single-vineyard wines that create a transparent relationship between producer and wine lover. No manipulation, honest, authentic, natural wines.



Biodinamica Mendoza 


Why Biodynamic wines from Mendoza, Argentina?


Argentina is going through a wine renaissance. A five-century old viticulture with long Italian and Spanish legacy is finally recognizing its modern potential through the expression of its flagship variety, Malbec in extraordinary traditional and new terroirs, as Agrelo, Paraje Altamira and Gualtallary.





Biodinamica Ahora




Why now?


Global warming, economic crisis, ramping inequality…the system is cracking, but in the newer generations a seed of change seems to be growing. Freedom of choice, a more conscious approach to food and leisure do not seem now so unrealistic. Wine has a historical role in pioneering human agriculture. Inkarri represents a unique option from Argentina.